Tuft Stools by Studio801

The Tuft stools by Studio801 are beech and birch stools with carpet poms on top as cushioning. These carpet poms are used in the textile industry to show ranges of carpeting colors. Studio801 has collaborated with one of the UK’s most well-known carpet companies to create custom pom cushions for each stool in a grid or circular pattern.

The two stools have different heights to accommodate a range of uses, and also feature kinked back legs, an aesthetic which has followed on from earlier work studying equine and animal motion through furniture objects. The manufacturing of the pieces uses traditional craft techniques and jointing processes, including incredibly strong floating tenon and half dovetails joints. The robustness of these techniques means that the natural grain and detail isn’t interrupted by brackets or other materials allowing the timber to complement and highlight the colors used in the pom upholstery.

Tuft Stool #1, beech and carpet poms

Tuft upholstery of Tuft Stool #2

Currently, the prototype of Tuft Stool #1 is being exhibited at Domotex in Hanover, while two of the finished products were on show with Designersblock at the Birmingham Interiors Show.

Photos by Jo Russell.

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