Daniel Rozin’s Robotic “Mirrors”

Daniel Rozin’s sculptures pay as much attention to you as you do to them. From a distance their pre-programmed patterns hypnotize like high tech lava lamps, but when you approach, something even more unbelievable happens: the moving parts begin to align and shift to mimic your shape in real time. He calls them “mirrors.”

In Rozin’s current show at Bitforms, 153 fans open like butterflies in your shadow and countless yellow pegs rotate to emulate you. The videos below are incredible but there is no substitute for experiencing these in person (Yes, I’m recommending you fly to New York). I’ve never witnessed anyone who doesn’t squeal with delight like a 3-year-old in front of these… myself included. Joyfully amazing.

Angles Mirror, 2013

“Reflections” begin at 1:29

Fan Mirror, 2013

“Reflections” being at 0:51

You think that’s amazing? Here are a few of my favorites from previous exhibitions:

Peg Mirror, 2007

Rust Mirror, 2010

Find more videos here. What’s your favorite?

What: The robotic “mirrors” of Daniel Rozin
Where: Bitforms Gallery, 529 W 20th St Fl 2, New York , NY
When: March 2, 2013 – April 6, 2013

All images/video courtesy bitforms gallery nyc.

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