Verbandkammer Flexible, Multifunctional Workspace by Nilsson Pflugfelder

09.10.12 | By
Verbandkammer Flexible, Multifunctional Workspace by Nilsson Pflugfelder

London- and Berlin-based architects Nilsson Pflugfelder were invited by FLACC Workplace For Visual Artists to partake in the European contemporary art biennial, Manifesta 9, by designing a workspace/artist’s residence called Verbandkammer. While the structure was built as an installation for this event, it’s all about helping FLACC rethink how its participants in their artist-in-residence programs might work, sleep, archive, meet, etc., all under one roof.

Yes, it may look like a black spaceship or bunker but it will allow artists to produce their work all in one place without ever having to leave the structure.

The modular form is built of multiple components consisting of 11 types of frames, 10 types of cladding, and 40 separate modules, all of which are easily assembled or dismantled.

The structure is all about multitasking in that each part must perform multiple functions.

Currently on display through September 30, 2012 in Genk, Belgium, it will then move to another part of their institute to become a part of an ongoing experiment with the artists.

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