Wim Appliance Yogurt Machine by Visibility

Wim Appliance is a minimalist yogurt machine created by New York-based design studio Visibility for Wim. The yogurt machine is the duo’s first appliance design, and was developed over a period of 18 months. The machine utilizes flash freezing technology that quickly cools yogurt at the push of a button.

The machine is quiet, compact, and easy to clean, and creates creamier, smoother, and better tasting yogurt on the spot. The designers wanted to create an appliance that would exist harmoniously with the landscape of other kitchen products, thus using a simple, white rectangular form as the base structure.

When blending, the rotating mechanism attached to the appliance never comes into contact with the yogurt itself, but spins through the cup so that the machine itself does not require cleaning, only the cup. A large vent is placed toward the back of the machine for cooling, with considerable care directed at the perforations to maximize performance while remaining aesthetically pleasing.

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