Yokaya Duplex Restaurant + Residence by rhythmdesign

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Yokaya Duplex Restaurant + Residence by rhythmdesign

Yokaya is a minimalist interior located in Fukuoka, Japan, designed by rhythmdesign. The architecture firm started as six people in various fields of design including architecture, interior design, photography, and video editing. The name “rhythmdesign” was later formulated as a credo to the team’s ideal representation of architecture and design, which is to prevent the disruption and distortion of the design and its surroundings.


Yokaya, which is a duplex restaurant and residence, follows this credo throughout every aspect of its design. The wooden structure covers a narrow site of only 135 square meters (about 1450 square feet), nestled between a storefront and apartment complex. The exterior facade appears as a smooth monolith volume with a rectangular cutout on the ground floor serving as a viewpoint into the restaurant.


The modest restaurant interior consists of concrete floors contrasting against exposed wooden ceiling beams and wooden furniture. The upper level reveals a living area with small windows scattered across the side and back of the building. The living space maintains the bare-essentials aesthetic seen throughout the rest of the architecture.








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