My pals over at Workstead clued me in to Brooklyn designer Asher Israelow. He’s a RISD grad with degrees in fine arts and architecture. He currently lives and works in Red Hook, Brooklyn designing and building furniture.

Desk with drawers. The walnut slab floats atop a maple base. Oil finish on solid and veneered wood.

A bed that is a simple platform built with traditional joinery. The oil finish accentuates two tones of walnut and a touch of inlay.

Star Map is a table for star gazers. Brass inlay on a single walnut slab. A map of things to come.

Cloudy Table and Side Table are seamless tables made of black walnut with spalting maple and exposed joints.

Simon’s Table is a coffee table with drawers. The black walnut top wraps around a silver maple interior. Two racing stripes added for sport.