In case of emergency: you might need the Anti Crise Chair.

Designed by Pedro Gomes, the Anti Crise Chair concept is “an emotion-driven design designed for an era marked by economic crisis. In an era marked by the economic crisis we are pushed to analyze what is our role as designers in the creation of change and definition of new habits.”

Basically, this chair is a giant piggy bank. You deposit your money into a slot on the top of the chair. However, in a time of need you can break the glass and release the saw. Use the saw to open up the front of the chair and release the money.

Anti Crise promotes the act of saving in a playful and interactive process which was carefully designed in 3 sequential steps:

First through the traditional money pot, here reinterpreted; The second element plays with the visual and tactile notion and feeling of “emergency”, referencing it to pre existing emergency equipments. This symbolic suggestion allows communicating the limited / emergency only access to the saved up money. In third, the usual gesture of breaking the money pot is replaced by a new material personality. Here the act becomes material driven where the chair is cut using a handsaw – integrated element of the design.

Now, your chair has a big hole in it, but I suppose now you can use it to store magazines.