German studio Entwurf-Direkt was established in 2001 from the desire to create a shop/event/art venue; a space that could be used both as an art studio and as a shop open to the public providing unusual furniture, exhibitions, lecture series, discussions as well as other events. Their furniture is built in cooperation with a couple of young carpenters and each piece is unique and made in close collaboration with the clients.

Entwurf-Direkt’s Per Schumann explains the idea behind using old drawers:

I have always been fascinated by all things used or discarded; in particular, old drawers are just “my thing.” They are the mute servants that help us through our daily lives, containing all kinds of secret things or just bric-a-brac. Drawers that stand out for their attractive craftsmanship or else for their being slightly bizarre or telling us a story or two, reflecting life in all its facets. Our wish is to revive the very beauty of those things, the life they have lived — in a manner that is both fresh and simple.

These dressers kind of remind me of Tejo Remy’s chest of drawers.