Clab4design is an Italian design company headed by Umberto Dattola, a designer from Brescia, Italy. I really love the home furnishings that they create (specifically the lighted bench), but I had to highlight this particular piece — a wooden handbag called G. Wedding. They call it “a wearable piece of furniture.”

Here’s the story of how the bag came to be:

The idea for the product was conceived at our friend Gianluca’s wedding party.
A group of colleagues and friends had decided to give the newlyweds money as a present, since it was difficult to guess their real needs. ?They had built “a wooden envelope” in which to put the money, together with a lot of wood chips. The envelope was the same size as G. WEDDING and just a bit flatter, with a thickness of 3 cm. ?The final idea came after seeing the bride handle “the envelope” as a pochette. Despite being made of plywood from an old toolbox, if worn that way, the envelope looked both fine and witty, both easygoing and smart. ?We were so excited that the following day we started working on our new wearable piece of furniture: Gianluca’s wedding, or G. wedding.