You’ve seen the house tour, the nursery, the kitchen before the reno (I swear the “after” photos are coming soon!) and family room in progress (on the to-do list: reupholster ottoman, put in skylights, add storage, new fireplace doors)… but I want to show you the two rooms in the home that sealed the deal for me.

They say that when you walk into the right house you just know that it’s “the one”? It was totally like that for me: the light, the windows, the high ceiling, the glass screen planter, the sunken living room… SOLD!

More about my sculpture here.

More about my piano here.

These rooms look pretty done, but there are still things we want to do.

Dining room:
– Paint the walls and ceiling, also fixing cracks and drywall issues
– Replace sconces in dining room (you can’t see them – be thankful)

Living room:
– Paint the walls and ceiling, also fixing cracks and other wall issues
– Replace fireplace doors
– Replace sliding doors with higher quality ones
– Replace the four trapezoidal windows – they are original and one is fairly damaged
– Introduce plants (done but not shown in these images)

Entry way:
– Sand and repaint glass screen (any suggestions on what color? white? gray?)
– Add rocks and plants to planter