Oh, how I wish there was something like this when I was little. Think about all the times you wanted to color or write or even do your homework and had to settle for the coffee or dining table. Knelt™ is the perfect solution for that – with the bonus of having an adult version too! Designed by Ubiquity Design Studio, Knelt™ is a desk and seat that aims for a neutral posture while sitting at it. You know how bad posture can be when you’re hovered over your work, think about how bad it was when you were a kid. Here’s hoping this eliminates every mother from having to say, “Sit up straight!”

The overall design is simple and clean avoiding the eyesores that a lot of kid’s products can be. It’s made of veneered molded ply and available in three finishes. It’s also lightweight, making it a cinch to store in the corner when not in use, yet easy enough for your child to pull out when they need it.

Photos by HannWilliams Partnership.