Geurrero House, designed by Alberto Campo Baeza, is a rectangular masterpiece built in Cadiz, Spain. The home is approximately 170 square meters and is situated on a sun-bathed lowland plain. The architects wanted to employ both shadows and natural lighting, which resulted in the construction of very tall 8m high walls.

Shade was created through the use of 3m deep porches on either end of the home. Four trees mark the front and back courtyards, while a trough is carved at the end of the back courtyard. The ceiling of the inside building measure the same height as the outside courtyard walls.

I can’t find a better time to use the phrase “tasteful simplicity.” Aside from filtering light and producing shadows, the courtyard areas provide a mysterious and tranquil scenery that is only complimented by the placid sky. The spacious interior is incredibly calming and looks as though nothing is out of place.

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