7 Work From Home Essentials According to Alexa

Hello there! I’m Alexa, Design Milk’s new Commerce Editor. While many of us have been on the work from home train for quite some time, the burgeoning fall season is as good a time as any for a workstation refresh. Read on to discover how I’m making over my workspace for my new gig!

hoek home office desk in a work from home set up

Home Office Desk By Hoek Home
The anchor of any WFH set up – a desk – is a non-negotiable. Hoek’s modern Home Office Desk makes for the ideal workspace with its sleek and contemporary design. Optional shelving offers ergonomic laptop visibility or bonus storage, and its high-quality materials don’t feel like an afterthought. Everything about Hoek’s desk is carefully considered and a favorite feature is its effortless assembly and take down for seamless storage if you’re tight on space. After many furniture-induced meltdowns, the ability to build and pack away in a pinch is priceless!

orbitkey desk mat with keyboard, mouse, and cable organizer in a work from home set up

Desk Mat by Orbitkey
This Desk Mat by Orbitkey is a must for prolonging the lifespan of your workspace, and if you’re like me, preventing any dreaded coffee rings (the vegan leather material repels water and can be easily wiped clean). The mat features a handy toolbar that keeps cables and pens organized and within reach, and a layered design lets you tuck away loose documents for safe keeping – genius.

mk retro keyboard by AZIO on a plain light grey background

MK Retro Keyboard by AZIO
Call it a writer’s bias, but I don’t think there’s anything more satisfying than the clacking of a typewriter. The mechanical keys on the MK Retro Keyboard by Azio fulfill all of my typewriter fantasies while delivering on ultramodern design. The glossy finish and chrome trim are the perfect contrast to the vintage look of the handcrafted keys, making this keyboard a timeless essential.

revov magnetic rotating tray box by mordeco in a work from home set up with air pods, post its, glasses and other desk accessories

Revov Magnetic Rotating Tray Box by mordeco
Not only does the Revov Magnetic Rotating Tray Box by mordeco keep my daily essentials organized, but it’s also an effortless way to inject some fun into my day – try swinging open the oddly satisfying lid for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean. Made with a combination of 100% beech wood on the upper shelf and aluminum on the bottom, the Revov Tray Box marks the happy marriage of my favorite modern textures.

athleisure candle by anecdote candles on a light beige background with artsy texture underneath

Athleisure Lemongrass + Jasmine Candle by Anecdote Candles
Fun fact about me: I’m a candle addict. In fact, no surface of my apartment is spared, and my desk is no exception. For work, I love scents that support a sense of focus and clarity. Featuring notes of lemongrass, jasmine and black currant, Athleisure by Anecdote Candles delivers on all of the above.

ausi white table lamp by graypants inc on a plain white background

Ausi White Table Lamp by graypants, inc.
One of the pros of working from home is the lack of harsh overhead fluorescent lighting found in most offices. The Ausi White Table Lamp by graypants brings soft, ambient lighting to your workspace while bridging the gap between art and utility with its sculptural shape and organic texture.

design milk 15th anniversary gradient dot concept planner and pen set stationary collection on a white background

Gradient Dot Concept Planner + Pen Set by Design Milk 15th Anniversary Collection
What better way to keep track of deadlines than with a Design Milk Planner? The Gradient Dot Concept Planner from our 15th anniversary stationery collection provides just enough structure while still giving ample space for creative brainstorming. Its bold, modern design elevates my workspace and is made even more chic with its accompanying ballpoint pens.

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Alexa is commerce editor at Design Milk. She lives in Miami, Florida with her fiancé Alex and retired greyhound, Phoebe. A longtime art and design enthusiast, Alexa’s first stops in any new city are the art museums. When she’s not writing about her favorite DM shop picks, she might be buried in a book, binging reality tv or adventuring around her city with her partner and pup.