A Beachfront Property in Italy Split in Half to Accommodate Two Families

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A Beachfront Property in Italy Split in Half to Accommodate Two Families

What happens when two brothers with respective families want to share a beach house while still maintaining privacy from one another? Jesolo Lido Beach Villa: a custom-designed beachfront home in Jesolo Lido, Italy, which is split down the middle into two identical apartments. JM Architecture designed the split residence to encourage bringing both families together for shared outdoor moments while allowing privacy indoors during downtime.

A main staircase climbs the natural landscape up to the home, then leads to wrap-around patios with communal gathering spaces.

A lengthy zero-edge swimming pool features two symmetrical aluminum cabanas that provide shade from the sun during hot summer days.

Since the home has a rather narrow plot, the resulting layout splits the available width into two equal portions. This also allows each unit to have beachfront access.

Both apartments also share the same symmetrical layout and are identically furnished.

Glass wraps around both spaces to provide views and access to the outdoors through sliding doors.

The basement level features a gym, sauna, jacuzzi, an additional kitchen, a laundry room, and guest areas. Large sunken patios on either end provide a private outdoor area.

Three sides of the property are surrounded by a tall hedge that blocks views of neighboring homes, while the beachfront side remains open to allow direct beach access.

Photos by Jacopo Mascheroni.

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