A Costa Rican Retreat Nestled in the Hills Overlooking the Pacific Ocean

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A Costa Rican Retreat Nestled in the Hills Overlooking the Pacific Ocean
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Studio Saxe recently completed a family home nestled into the hills of Nosara, Costa Rica, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The glass-clad retreat was designed to blend into the natural setting while taking advantage of the ocean and mountain views. Named Tres Amores, the residence features two flat rooftops that extend out to offer protection from the environment, as well as creating oversized terraces that add to the square footage.

A rectangular volume houses the staircase and connects all areas of the house while breaking up the horizontal roofline.

In order to blend into the surrounding landscape, the architects chose dark and matte materials. They also staggered the two floors to help visually break up the heaviness of the structure.

Tres Amores was designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing solar power to heat the home’s water which helps reduce energy consumption. The water is also recycled through filters.

In addition to a lightweight steel structure built offsite, the architects used teak wood, an abundant local material that’s sustainably sourced, that they charred for a distinct visual element.

Floor-to-ceiling windows frame views in all directions, including the ocean and lush greenery surrounding the house.

Photos by Andres Garcia Lachner.

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