A Vibrant Kraków Apartment Filled With Playful, Pastel Hues

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A Vibrant Kraków Apartment Filled With Playful, Pastel Hues

Located in the center of Kraków, Poland, this 80-square-meter apartment (approx. 861 square feet) is the new home of a creative pair with a deep love of modern art and vibrant aesthetics. The colorful space, designed by Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk of Butterfly Studio, with styling by Eliza Mrozińska, is a shining example of when combining bold shades with delectable details come together perfectly. Another love the couple shares is for terrazzo, as evident throughout the space, where this versatile material graces tiles, countertops, and even flower pots. The playful yet sophisticated terrazzo patterns beautifully complement the pastel hues, especially the dominant pink that weaves through the apartment’s narrative.

A modern kitchen with pink cabinets, green lower cabinets, and a white dining table with black chairs. A colorful vase and candles are on the table, and a striped towel hangs from the oven.

Stepping into the kitchen, one is immediately struck by its unique layout. In lieu of the traditional kitchen island, the design features a central table and an innovative ceiling installation that serves both aesthetic and practical purposes – it conceals an unexpected structural change and houses a retractable projector screen. The kitchen’s character is further amplified by the dark pink grout between white tiles, adding a whimsical yet cohesive touch to the space.

A modern kitchen with green lower cabinets, pink upper cabinets, and a terrazzo countertop. The backsplash tiles are pink. A few colorful items are on the counter. There is a patio door to the left.

The pastel hues throughout set the tone for the charming abode, along with bright, richly colored accessories that take the space up another notch.

A modern kitchen with pink and green cabinets, marble countertops, a pink and green oven, wooden chevron-patterned floor, and a red ceiling. A multicolored apron hangs on a door.

A modern living room with colorful decor, a grey couch, and built-in shelves. The room has a mix of red, pink, and neutral tones with various art pieces and a dining table with chairs.

The white circular dining table with different colored chairs lies in the center of the multifunctional main space with the living room opposite the kitchen. Flanked by built-in shelving holding an array of fun objects, including several from Pani Jurek’s collection of BARVA vases, an abstract painting by Polish artist Aga Pietrzykowska hangs above a modern blue gray corduroy sofa.

A modern living space with a round white table, colorful chairs, abstract vases, a pendant lamp, and a bookshelf with décor items. The floor is light wood herringbone, and walls are painted in soft colors.

A colorful dining area with a round table, multicolored chairs, a pastel pink cabinet with shelves, geometric decor, and a potted plant in the background. The floor has a herringbone pattern.

A living room with a light pink bookshelf filled with colorful books and decorative items, a large green vase-like sculpture on the floor, and a gray striped sofa with a blanket.

A modern living room with a gray couch, green pillow, round tables, and various decorative items on a red shelving unit. A blue floor lamp stands next to the couch, and beige curtains cover the window.

A ginger cat rests on a beige armchair, surrounded by indoor plants. A beige throw blanket is draped over the armchair. The chair is near a window with light streaming in.

A modern bedroom with a colorful headboard featuring a blue circle and orange shapes. The bed is adorned with green and beige pillows and a green blanket. Nightstands with lamps and books are on either side.

The bedroom is a serene oasis inspired by interlocking geometric shapes set against a tranquil blue backdrop. The statement headboard and carefully curated accessories create a space that is both restful and visually stimulating. Unique elements, such as the unexpected steel columns behind the TV and the arch-shaped mirror, add layers of interest.

A bedside table with a white and orange lamp, two books with colorful covers, and a wall-mounted power outlet panel behind it. The bed with a beige blanket is partially visible.

A bedroom features a mirrored closet door, geometric wallpaper, a flat-screen TV on the wall, a floating bedside table with books, and a wooden herringbone floor.

A decorative orange vase sits on a light-colored console table against a patterned wallpaper with concentric circles and vertical stripes. Beige curtains are partially visible on the right side.

The apartment is a harmonious blend of vintage style and modern Polish design. Every element, from the terrazzo tiles to the graphic-inspired bedroom, has been chosen to reflect the owners’ personalities and needs. It’s a space that balances intensity with functionality, creating a cozy yet stimulating environment conducive to both relaxation and creativity.

Modern bathroom with a pink and terrazzo design, featuring a circular mirror, a white sink, a green vanity cabinet with a gold knob, and a walk-in shower.

A modern shower with terrazzo walls, gold fixtures, an overhead and handheld showerhead, built-in corner shelves holding toiletries, and a glass partition.

Modern bathroom with a large round mirror, pastel pink sink, blue cabinets, patterned floor tiles, and herringbone tiled wall. Warm lighting and minimal decor provide a clean, cohesive look.

The designers’ ingenuity extends to every corner, including the needs of the apartment’s four-legged resident. The bathroom features a cleverly designed cabinet with a built-in litter box and a small passage for the cat. This thoughtful inclusion ensures that all household members can navigate the space with ease. Adjacent to this feline-friendly setup are built-in cabinets hiding a washing machine and dryer, optimizing functionality without compromising on style.

A modern bathroom with a wall-mounted toilet, pink and blue cabinetry, a terrazzo countertop and floor, a round mirror, and hanging lights. A folded green towel hangs on a silver hook beside the sink.

It’s no surprise the owners are so enamored with their thoughtfully designed space that they hope never to move. Each detail, meticulously planned and executed, has transformed the apartment into their ideal sanctuary for living and working. It’s a home that not only meets but exceeds their expectations, for now and hopefully many years to come.

A kitchen countertop with a terrazzo surface, beige cabinets, and an orange vase.

A modern hallway with pink sliding doors, geometric patterned floor tiles, and a small cushioned stool in front of a full-length mirror. Walls are painted in complementary pastel shades.

Photography by Mood Authors.

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