Ballarat House’s Modern Details Stand Out From Its Suburban Neighborhood

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Ballarat House’s Modern Details Stand Out From Its Suburban Neighborhood

Ballarat House is a suburban home in Australia designed by Eldridge Anderson Architects. The house is located in a suburban golfing neighborhood, however, the architects aimed to set the home apart from its surroundings as much as possible while still following certain style constraints.

The brief called for a comfortable house for a couple late in their working careers, and the result is a modern, optimistic take on suburban living. Inside, the space is airy enough to enjoy the summer weather while also cozy enough to last through the cold Ballarat winters.

The plan groups the living spaces needed for daily life toward the back in order for occupants to frequently enjoy the natural light and back yard.

A few key walls are layered with rustic, vertical wood boards that contrast with the home’s modern structure.

Standout materials used throughout the space culminate in the kitchen. Plywood joinery and a marble and concrete island are durable, yet minimal. Large wood ceiling beams add a comforting touch to the white space, making it feel more homey.

The living spaces extend out to a deck that’s slightly sunken and surrounded by garden for a private experience in nature.

Photos by Derek Swalwell.

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