Best Interior Design Posts of 2013

You’ve proven that you can’t get enough interior design by reading and re-reading the posts we feature showcasing the best that the interior design world has to offer. Curious to see what were the best of the best from 2013? Take a look back at the most popular Interior Design posts from 2013:

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Best Interior Design Posts of 2013

10. London Studio Becomes a One Bedroom Apartment
A London studio apartment that came with a small sleeping platform was renovated into an airy one bedroom apartment on a strict budget.

9. An Open Apartment in Brazil Full of Raw Materials
Designed with a single person in mind, this open-plan apartment utilizes concrete, wood, and fabric to set the overall tone.

8. From a Storefront to a Condo in Montreal
The ground floor of a triplex in Montreal that featured a storefront window was renovated to become a 1,280-square-foot condo that highlights original details.

7. Giant Pixel Office by Studio O+A
A gaming software developer gets a modern office in a turn-of-the-century building that mixes mid-century modernism and a slightly futuristic vibe.

6. Barefoot Luxury Living in Cape Town
To accommodate a young family moving from the city to a relaxed life in the country, this residence offered the family a bit of “barefoot luxury” with a modern interior full of natural materials.

5. Constant Motion Loft by Alex Bykov
A loft in Kiev that began as a simple square space was designed with the concept of movement. Central to the home is the kitchen, a symbol of the “family’s heart”, with the other spaces surrounding it.

4. An Ad Agency’s Seriously Surprising New Office Space
Home to an Amsterdam-based ad agency, this new office space takes the idea of a typical office environment and flips it on its head.

3. North London Townhouse Interior Design by LLI Design
During construction, the homeowners turned this new build townhouse over to amp up the drama and to create a livable, warm residence.

2. An Eco-Friendly Apartment in New York City
Two lofts in Chelsea were merged to become one, family-sized home that boasts many eco-friendly renovations paired with contemporary craft details that show up throughout the space.

1. 10 of Our Favorite TV Show Home & Apartment Floor Plans
TV-loving people have spoken and declared their love of their favorite character’s homes and apartments. Not just the spaces though, the floor plans, and being able to see things from a new angle.

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