Best Interior Design Posts of 2016

Every year we cover some of the most inspiring modern interior design and every year we think it can’t get any better than the previous years. We’re always wrong. From apartments, lofts, houses, kitchens, bathrooms, and restaurants, we feature incredible spaces we always want to live in and now we’re looking back to see the most popular interior design posts of 2016.

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Best Interior Design Posts of 2016

10. A Modular Apartment in Tel Aviv with a Cool Staircase
A penthouse that created a sense of privacy between the parent’s and children’s areas, while designing the living spaces to be large and spacious.


9. A Cramped NYC Apartment Becomes a Light-Filled Loft
CHUA were hired to transform an 800 square foot apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan into a light-filled loft that felt more spacious.


8. A 50’s Madrid Home Becomes Modern & Welcoming
Egue y Seta took a 50’s home in Madrid from outdated to a welcoming space for a young couple with children with staggered floors and a gabled roof on top.


7. An Apartment Renovation for Family Gatherings
An apartment in Taiwan underwent a modern transformation led by Z-AXIS DESIGN to make the main living space bigger for quality time with family.


6. Nap Bar Invites You to Take a Break and Recharge
Smarin are known for their nap-friendly lounge pieces and the France-based studio completed an installation in Dubai called the Nap Bar.


5. Make the Most of a Small Space with this Multifunctional Loft System
A 500 square foot urban condo needed more function so a pre-fabricated loft that packs a multitude of functions into its compact design was created.


4. A Small Budapest Apartment Designed for Travelers
Dubbed AIRBN’P, this tiny apartment in Budapest was designed by Position Collective to be a fun place to stay for style-loving people traveling to the area.


3. An Industrial Loft in Prague
Loft Hřebenky is an 85 square meter modern, industrial flat in a new building in Prague, which Formafatal was tasked with designing.


2. Upgrade Your IKEA Furniture with These Easy Hacks and Ideas
Elevate your IKEA furniture with brands that found ways to give basic IKEA a facelift or just a little upgrade with doors, legs, and slipcovers.

And the most popular interior design post of 2016 is…


1. Hot Kitchen and Bathroom Trends for 2016
We visited KBIS in Las Vegas last January, and discovered some unexpected and exciting trends in kitchen and bath design.

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