Best Skim Milk Posts of 2014

It was a good year for minimalism. Want to see what was the most popular Skim Milk posts in 2014? Take a look back…

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Best Skim Milk Posts of 2014
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10. Dulwich Residence by Naturehumaine
An existing 1920’s residence gets a contemporary addition that blends perfectly together.

9. Peak MacBook Cover & Stand by Aecraft
Peak is a leather cover for MacBooks that also serves as a small stand for the laptop for added user comfort.

8. Akatsuka House by MDS Co.Ltd
A minimalist home located in Tokyo that provides shelter against the natural environment without isolating the residents.

7. Rain Bottle by Nendo
Nendo created an exhibition featuring 20 clear bottles containing diorama that symbolizes a variation of the word “rain” in Japanese.

6. Naruse House by MDS Co.Ltd
The architects of this minimalist home located in Japan utilized the irregularity of the lot as an advantage.

5. A Minimalist House with a Sleek Concrete Structure
A minimalist residence with a facade that features a sleek concrete structure outfitted with glass fixtures.

4. Mjölk House by Studio Junction
A traditional landmark building gets a modern renovation that includes a minimalist residence.

3. Stencil Watch by Nendo Inspired by Drafting Tools
A wristwatch inspired by the drafting instruments used by draftsmen for creating precise plans and drawings.

2. The Runners House by AR Design Studio
A minimalist, contemporary home in Winchester, England that was once an antiquated building.

And the most popular Skim Milk post of 2014 is…

1. Beach House by Orlando Soria for Homepolish
A beach house that balances an expansive art collection with a tranquil and monochromatic color palette.

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