Best Skim Milk Posts of 2015

Every week we brought you the best of minimalist design out there, from architecture to home furnishings to watches. Curious to see what were the most popular Skim Milk posts in 2015? Take a look back…

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Best Skim Milk Posts of 2015

10. Dune House by Marc Koehler Architects
Inspired by the local landscape of the northern Dutch islands, this modern home has a unique roofline that lets in lots of light.


9. Shrimp House by UID Architects
Shrimp is a minimalist house located in Hiroshima, Japan, designed by UID Architects, that’s made up of three, connected volumes.


8. Closse Residence by Naturehumaine
Closse Residence is a minimalist house located in Montreal, Canada, designed by Naturehumaine.


7. Nahahum Cabin by Balance Associates Architects
A 1,500 square foot residence that’s situated on a hillside in Washington state with concrete retaining walls that serve as a guide for the cabin’s form.


6. Grand St Loft by Amee Allsop
Grand St Loft is a minimalist, all-white interior located in New York City designed by Amee Allsop that makes great use of small space storage solutions.


5. Mount Pleasant House by Roundabout Studio
A minimalist home in Canada for a musician balances privacy and openness.


4. Bolton Residence by Naturehumaine
A minimalist house located in Bolton East, Quebec, designed by Naturehumaine, on a beautiful plot of wooded land, an extension of the environment itself.


3. Instrmnt 01 Watch by Instrmnt
Instrmnt 01 is a minimalist steel watch collection by Instrmnt that takes inspiration from industrial design of the mid-20th Century.


2. House T. by Luigi Rosselli Architects
An original Victorian-styled residence was well-proportioned, but required a facelift to include contemporary aesthetics while adding an addition.


1. Bond Street Loft by Elizabeth Roberts Design
A 1,500 square foot space in New York City’s NoHo neighborhood was gut renovated into a modern, two bedroom apartment for a family of three.

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