Best Technology Posts of 2015

Technology is forever changing faster than anyone can imagine and we’re always trying to keep up with the latest and greatest that’s out there – from hoverboards to light bulbs that double as speakers. Want to see the top 10 technology posts we featured this year? Take a look…

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Best Technology Posts of 2015

10. 10 Tech Accessories With Mobility in Mind
A collection of our current favorite mobile digital devices and accessories making working (and playing) on-the-go easier than ever.


9. Piecing Together an Audiophile’s Affordable Turntable System
We set out to piece together an entry-level audiophile’s record listening system, beginning with PS Audio’s Sprout.


8. The Design Essentials: iPad Apps for the Creative
Top 11 design-centric iPad apps for artists, designers and creatives to enhance your skills—from organization to research to sharing and of course, designing.


7. 10 of the Most Innovative Designs From CES 2015
Here are our 10 favorite innovative designs from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, integrating technology into thoughtful design for today and tomorrow.


6. Buster + Punch LED Buster Bulbs Look Great Naked
Vintage motorbike machine detailing meets LED lighting technology with this update of the Buster + Punch LED Buster Bulb.


5. The Lexus Hoverboard Is Real…and Looks Very Difficult to Ride
Pro skater Ross McGouran puts the Lexus SLIDE hoverboard to the test, riding across water and over a car.


4. Cicret Bracelet Turns Skin Into a Touchscreen Display
An Android powered smart bracelet forgoes the tiny display of a typical smartwatch and projects a smartphone-size touchscreen onto the skin.


3. Sony’s LED Bulb Doubles As a Bluetooth Speaker
Sony combines light and sound into a sleek integrated LED lightbulb with wireless Bluetooth speaker design.

Carbon Black Wheelchair-1

2. A Wheelchair That Might Disrupt the Industry
Rather than let a spinal injury stop him from achieving his dreams, Andrew Slorance used it to completely redesign the look and function of the wheelchair.

And the most popular technology post in 2015 is…


1. Swirl Is the Most Beautiful Sink Faucet
2014 IF Concept Design Award winning design transforms faucet water flow into beautiful intricate lattice and swirl patterns.

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