Best Technology Posts of 2021

Looking back at 2021’s most popular tech posts, one can surmise we’re all itching to get back out there to see the world, alongside sharing an affinity for stylish and tactile keyboards, and interestingly enough, the curiosity for high-end toilets flush with style. Ecological solutions turning oceanic waste into a functional peripheral and a thoughtfully designed all-in-one home audio system that changed our relationship with music also rated highly within the tech category. Check out all of the most popular technology posts for 2021 below…

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Best Technology Posts of 2021

10. Trone Toilets Might Be the Coolest Toilets on the Planet

French brand Trone’s sleek, rimless toilets look nothing like traditional cistern-style loos and that explains their popularity. Available in a variety of solid colors, two tone, metallic, or speckled finishes – or a truly unique asymmetrical Callipyge design with a tiered silhouette – these toilets rate as statement pieces for the smallest room of the home. Add an odor quiet air filtration system and one could claim these toilets take the throne in the design department.

9. Microsoft Ocean Plastic Mouse Hopes to Turn the Tide Against Plastic Waste

Microsoft wants to make plastic waste gunking up our oceans a thing of the past. In the effort to reduce oceanic plastic pollution, the Redmond tech giant formulated their own specially engineered resin to give their entry-level mouse a unique look and feel. The exterior case’s resin blend combines PET and polycarbonate (PC) plastic, a mixture developed to offer a balance between durability and comfort, and also help inform future efforts to make recycled materials the rule rather than the exception.

8. The Gozney Dome Professional Grade Outdoor Oven

The Gozney Dome Grill is a dream machine for anyone who wants to broil vegetables/meat or bake pizza and bread. The cylindrical contemporary design houses a few tech-enhanced controls to give this old school wood fired oven a few new school tricks. With a turn of a dial outdoor cooks can literally dial it in, speeding and heating things up to restaurant-grade temperatures. Designed in collaboration with product development consultants IDC, the Gozney Dome is the sort of cooking tool that will have guest diners asking, “What is that? And where can I get one?”

7. Cambridge Audio Evo 75 and Evo 150 Elegantly Simplify Hi-Fi

Our favorite home audio component of the year, Cambridge Audio’s lead designer Ged Martin imparted both the Evo 75 and Evo 150 all-in-one network streaming components with a contemporary design that can live within any residential setting. Shipping with two different sets of interchangeable snap-on magnetized panels, both Evo models prove audiophile quality gear can find a place in normal homes, even with only a modest amount of space available.

6. The Happier Camper Traveler Trailer Offers Flexibility for Life on the Road

Did someone say “road trip”? The Happier Camper Traveler’s popularity amongst readers was no doubt spurred on by the pandemic-induced desire to go anywhere beyond the threshold of our own doors. This cute little number charms with its modernized retro design outfitted with a complete bathroom with a sink, shower, and dry-flush toilet, alongside a fully-equipped kitchenette with a dual burner stove, DC-powered drawer fridge, and a sink.

5. Duravit SensoWash Starck f Toilet Is Flush With Under the Lid Technologies

The toilet paper shortage of 2019/2020 most definitely inspired more than a few households to investigate adding a washlet/built-in bidet tech into their bathroom. Few options rate as luxurious as German bathroom fitting manufacturer Duravit’s sleek minimalist commode designed by Philippe Starck, a sleek loo featuring a specially engineered germicidal glaze reputed to eliminate 90% of bacteria after six hours, and 99.999% after 24 hours. It’s also compatible with an app, presenting a somewhat legit reason to bring your phone into the bathroom.

4. The Canoo Electric Pickup Truck Is Everything the Tesla Cybertruck Is Not

Consider the Canoo the anti-Tesla Cybertruck, a compact electric vehicle with a quirky silhouette and none of that angular aggression. Designed to take adventuring types out to backcountry comfortably, the Canoo design team paid special attention to give their little truck/van that could a serious amount of storage. Everywhere you look is an array of clever modular storage solutions imagined for weekend camping excursions (and daily driver errands). Scheduled to arrive in both van and truck editions, expect up to 200 miles of range, paired with 600 horsepower, and 550 pound-feet of torque to get you where you need to escape to.

3. The Windmill Smart Window Air Conditioner Is Designed to Look as Cool as It Feels

It might be rather chilly right today, but back in July the Windmill Air air conditioner’s minimalist design caught the attention of numerous readers seeking an affordable and easy to install cooling option. While the sleek rounded design, secure installation, app controls, and Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice command compatibility all rated welcome additions, most impressive is how quietly this 8,300 BTU window air conditioner does its job keeping rooms cool.

2. Shades of Off-White Transparently Influence Mojo68 Mechanical Keyboards

Iconoclast Virgil Abloh’s recent death made shockwaves across the fashion and design community. But Abloh’s legacy and influence lives on a variety of ways, including this typographic-supergraphic styled mechanical keyboard emblazoned with all the tell-tale signifiers of Abloh’s industrial-iconography.

And the most popular technology post in 2021 is…

1. PENNA: A Vintage Typewriter-Inspired Bluetooth Keyboard

The PENNA Bluetooth wireless keyboard embodies the spirit and mechanical feel of a Mad Men-era office tool all with modern day compatibility of other wireless keyboards. Not only is it able to connect to Windows 11, Android, iOS, or macOS machine, the retro-styled device can switch seamlessly between 5 devices so you can bring this typewriter-styled peripheral anywhere inspiration or duty requires.

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