Brendan Ravenhill: Bare Light

Brendan Ravenhill’s young career is sailing much like the ships his past has so lovingly built. Born on the Ivory Coast, with a youth spent in Washington DC, and brief stints in salt-air towns of Rhode Island and Maine, Ravenhill, a boat-builder from birth, is a well-bred Atlantic boy now making a name for himself on the Pacific.

The LA-based designer has released exciting 2010 designs that combine his industrial and aesthetic strengths. One of his latest, Bare Light, is an innovative take on the traditional light socket. By employing glass as a replacement for the predictable plastic port sold at local hardware stores, Ravenhill has attempted to make the utility and beauty behind this everyday accessory visible to us all.

“The glass has this beautiful luminescence that happens when the light from the light bulb gets trapped within the walls of the glass, and then transmits this crazy little detail at the top of the socket, like a highlight around the cord,” said Ravenhill from his West-coast home. “I was really surprised that I actually built it with this little detail. It creates [a] beautiful effect [that] is a result of the properties of the material, which is what I was really interested in.”

Debuting at the American Design Club in NYC this past May, Bare Light is still being featured at select galleries. Interested parties can learn more at Ravenhill’s website, or order at The Future Perfect.