Clickety-Clackety, Colorful, and Customizable CandyKeys Keycap Sets

07.07.17 | By
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This one is for all the old-school computer users, the computer lab kids who grew up with the floppy disc, the robotic melodies of a baud modem, text-based adventure games, the barely discernible graphics of dot matrix printer resolution, imaginations-required ASCII art, and most nostalgic, the satisfying clickety-clackety of a mechanical keyboard. CandyKeys is a German retailer specializing in mech keys, specifically full replacement keyboards and customizable keycap sets offering the nostalgic an opportunity to add a sweep of colorful expression across the keyboard.

While Apple reputedly continues to explore both adaptive mechanical keyboards and even virtual keyboards, a healthy community of Windows PC users – a significant portion represented by gamers – remains loyal to the touch-type-satisfaction offered with individual switches under every key. Enthusiasts will often note the travel and sound of each key when pressed provides sensory feedback for faster and more assured typing. CandyKeys caters to this demographic with an aesthetic option to colorfully customize the layouts for about $40 per set (an entire keyboard costs considerably more, ranging and depending upon brands).

Perhaps you’re unconvinced or hesitant to commit to returning to a larger and bulkier old school mechanical keyboard. We got you: try before you buy – at least audibly – with an hour of mechanical keyboard sounds.

Our favorite? The Tai-Hao Miami Keycap Set.

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