Drop: A Handheld Colander by Viviana Degrandi for RIG-TIG by Stelton

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Drop: A Handheld Colander by Viviana Degrandi for RIG-TIG by Stelton

Italian designer Viviana Degrandi decided she wanted to reimagine the effective, yet awkward salad spinner, which seemed to never evolve since its incarnation. DROP changes it up completely with its compact size, minimal design, and the way it works to remove excess water from your fruits and veggies.

The drop-shaped design consists of two parts that join together by fitting one inside the other. To use, just place your food in one of the domed halves, press the button, and slide the other half around until it’s closed. Stick the handle under the water to rinse your veggies and then roll the handle back and forth in your hands quickly to enact centrifugal force to remove the extra water.

You can also use DROP as a regular colander for pasta and more delicate fruits you just want to rinse off.

DROP won the “Culinary” section prize during the 2015 Red Dot Concept Design Award competition, which led to Stelton picking up the product to release under their RIG-TIG brand.

Project Assistant: Salvatore Scordo
Photos by Salvatore Scordo and RIG-TIG by Stelton.

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