Escobar House Plays with Height and Lines to Create a Sense of Depth

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Escobar House Plays with Height and Lines to Create a Sense of Depth

Escobar House designed by Luciano Kruk is a striking modern home located near Buenos Aires. The house is already part of a gated community, but the clients wanted to ensure that the home itself would be equally as private inside. The result is a structure that is closed off at the front but completely open in the back to highlight the nearby golf course’s natural setting instead of the street.

The home’s exterior is made from exposed concrete and glass – two materials that don’t need much maintenance for the weekender residents. Overall, the design is straightforward, purposefully free of artifices. Luciano Kruk instead made use of varying heights, simple lines, and natural light effects indoors to create a strong sense of depth and keep the focus on the surrounding environment.

The rear of the home connects fluidly with the outside terrace and backyard through the living and dining area. The space opens up into a a semi-covered expansion that houses a swimming pool. The placement of the pool within the deck allows easy access from the home and for a beautiful mirror effect that reflects an image of the sky onto the water.

The living room area was designed to be the most prominent space in the house, as it has a higher ceiling than the rest of the surrounding rooms. This space sits above the natural terrain level to offer even grander views of the landscape.

To the right, the space divides into two levels. The top level features a master bedroom and two secondary bedrooms.

Photos by Daniela Mac Adden.

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