Herman Miller Introduces New “Smart” Office Furniture with Live OS

07.13.17 | By
Herman Miller Introduces New “Smart” Office Furniture with Live OS

Global design company Herman Miller continues to lead the frontier when it comes to furniture brands with their latest system — Live OS. Live OS is the first, human-centered system of connected furniture that connects to humans on a deeper level. In an effort to better serve workplace needs, Live OS aims to help their customers create empowering and efficient workplaces.

Live OS connects Herman Miller furnishings to the cloud through sensors. This allows the desks to “sense” people and their preferences, resulting in a better experience overall. For example, the standing desk will remember the user’s preferred height. All the user has to do is tap the desk control once, and it’ll automatically adjust to the user’s saved position. Or, if the user needs reminders to move and adjust their position, the desk control will light up and vibrate.

The Live OS system is part of Herman Miller’s Living Office, focusing on bringing real advantages and proven outcomes to people and organizations.

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