Iittala’s “Kuru” Draws from the Tranquility of a Gorge

01.29.20 | By
Iittala’s “Kuru” Draws from the Tranquility of a Gorge

Finnish brand Iittala, known for their timeless glasswares, have tapped London based British-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin for their new collection of interior objects. The collection is named Kuru, the word for ‘gorge’ in Finnish, and is designed to embody the immense sense of tranquility one feels upon stepping into a gorge in the steep arctic hills of Finland.

The objects in Kuru take on simple, modern shapes and are cast in earthy tones. They consist of casted, handmade ceramic bowls in three different sizes, a smaller glass bowl, and a mouth-blown glass vase. The objects come in dark green, seville orange, beige, and light grey, whereas the vase comes in frosted clear and frosted moss green glass.

“I wanted to design a collection that helps people create centers of gravity in their homes and provides a place for precious objects and memories, regardless of the size of their living space.” explains Philippe Malouin.

The sentiment behind the objects comes from a French word ‘vide-poche’ which refers to a bowl or container at the entrance of a home where you can empty your pockets when you walk in.

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