IKEA Drops DAJLIEN Collection to Help You Easily Workout at Home

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IKEA Drops DAJLIEN Collection to Help You Easily Workout at Home

IKEA aims to transform, or simply aid, the way we exercise at home with the release of its latest collection called DAJLIEN. The limited edition series, comprising 19 versatile products, is designed to support everyday movement in individuals so they can cultivate healthy habits within the comfort of their own home. Scheduled for a global launch in January 2024, the collection hopes to redefine how we view and approach daily fitness routines.

Angled corner of a room with desk setup with light green rolling cart holding fitness gear in front

Drawing insights from homes in New York, Chicago, London, and Shanghai, IKEA embarked on a mission to create a collection that seamlessly integrates exercise into everyday life. The result is the DAJLIEN collection, a fusion of smart, adaptable products designed to overcome common obstacles such as motivation, limited space, time constraints, and how traditional exercise equipment tends to clash with home decor.

Angled corner of a room with desk setup with white rolling cart holding fitness gear in front

The name DAJLIEN, derived from Småland (the birthplace of IKEA), translates to “daily” – a nod to IKEA’s commitment of making physical activity accessible to everyone, every day.

closeup down shot of white rolling cart holding fitness gear

down view of rectangular wooden box with green mat on lid which is opened to reveal storage inside

The products are part exercise equipment and part storage, ranging from exercise mats to ring-shaped dumbbells to rolling carts, all of which seamlessly blend into home decor. The focal point of the collection, the DAJLIEN bench, not only facilitates a variety of bodyweight exercises but also doubles as a storage solution and versatile piece of furniture.

down angled shot of man stretching with one leg out in front of young gir stretching on two green oval yoga mats

down shot showing partial view of green yoga mat and weights, as well as a pink strap for stretching

Sarah Fager, Designer at IKEA of Sweden, explains: “Not everyone feels safe or comfortable going to a gym, and at home, we often deal with small space and time constraints. DAJLIEN was born from the desire to find smart solutions that address these limitations and help people create a convenient and motivating place for exercise.”

angled down shot of two light green weight rings on top of darker green fitness mat

angled shot of woman on floor on light green fitness mat with one leg pulled in to stretch

partial view of woman holding herself up from the floor with her arms straight with square green box beside her

older woman with gray hair in light green casual sweatsuit sitting on dark green fitness mat

The collection’s subtle colors and details are deliberately chosen to support its focus on seamlessly integrating into the home, becoming a natural part of the everyday environment.

view from behind woman leaning forward on floor with pink band wrapped around feet stretching

closeup side view of woman on bent arms looking at small green radio

The collection extends beyond traditional fitness gear, incorporating recovery and stress relief products such as an air purifier, yoga straps, kneepads, a massage ball, and a portable Bluetooth speaker, all in soothing shades of green, yellow, pink, and white. Additionally, the collection offers wearable pieces like slippers and ponchos, promoting post-workout relaxation and overall wellness.

woman bent forward with light green ring weight in bent arm while leaning forward on wood blocks working out

looking towards the upper half of a woman in a green shirt holding a light green ring weight with her face showing through center

woman on one knee with other knee bent working out with green ring weight

woman on one knee with other knee bent working out with green ring weight

person standing working out with one leg up holding two green ring weights

woman's torso in white tank with a waist bag in green

partial torso view of person in white tank rolling up dark green yoga mat

two pairs of light yellow slippers propped up on a wall

two metal stands holding clothing and workout gear in room

down view looking at partially open mesh bag

man carrying mesh white bag over shoulder walking away

The DAJLIEN collection will be available for six months or until supplies last starting January 2024 at IKEA stores everywhere.

Caroline Williamson is Editor-in-Chief of Design Milk. She has a BFA in photography from SCAD and can usually be found searching for vintage wares, doing New York Times crossword puzzles in pen, or reworking playlists on Spotify.