Industrial Upholstery by Gilli Kuchik

Industrial upholstery is a project from Gilli Kuchik with Gil Sheffi and Ran Amitai, who together make up Tel Aviv-based Bakery Studio, a design collective founded in September 2009. This project explores new ways of upholstering furniture using the upholstery polyurethane foam as the fabric.

From the designer:

During the research stage of the project, it was apparent that upholstery as a discipline is based on a craftsmanship logic which stayed fairly the same through upholstery history. The Industrialized Upholstery project seeked to create a new upholstering technique which is based on an industrialized logic, and by doing so creating a new aesthetics of upholstery.

The principal of the project is to use the upholstery fabric as the mold for the construction. Two kinds of polyurethane are injected in the fabric; high-density polyurethane for construction and polyurethane foam for comfort.

Bakery Studio’s designers each work individually in the studio on a particular project and consultations and discussions are held as a group. “We feel that materials have all the ingredients for good design: charisma, inner truth, aesthetics, characteristics and sophistication. All that is left for us to do is to give it the freedom to express itself, doing so within the boundaries of mass production potential is an even greater challenge that we seek to achieve.”

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