The iOhouse SPACE: Off-the-Grid, Internet Connected Living

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The iOhouse SPACE: Off-the-Grid, Internet Connected Living

Living “off-the-grid” connotes a level of living rustic and rough fashion, one distant from the comforts and conveniences the typical well-heeled urbanist might expect. The SPACE by Sweden-based iOhouse is designed to deliver the antithesis of this notion – a luxe and tech-equipped residential concept transportable anywhere and engineered to be operate sans external sewage, electrical, or water systems with a plethora of next generation smart home options.

Specifications: 60 m2 living space within a 5m in width, 12 m in length, and 19 tons structure.

The Space is a fully self-contained housing proposal transported by truck, and delivered with all furnishings, appliances and technologies already included (brands listed include Antonio Lupi, Vola, Andrew World, Penta Juliette, and Lago). Utility systems for water, electricity, heating and even wireless internet connections are all engineered for storage, use, and monitoring without a connection to the grid:

  • Electricity: integrated solar panels with generator, producing 220v
  • Heating/Cooling: air/heat pump
  • Water system: 2000 l capacity
  • Sewer system: 3000 l capacity
  • Ventilation system with air filtration

Everything within the SPACE by IO House is also connected and monitored by mobile phone or tablet, with weather monitoring, home entertainment A/V systems, wi-fi, home security and smoke/water detection, and smart home controls for lighting comfort.

Though the structure itself is disconnected from the grid, occupants will need water delivered and waste removed about every two weeks for a household of two.

So how much will living luxe disconnected from the grid set a potential buyer? A rather reasonable 549.000 EUR for the all-inclusive smart home prefabricated experience, ready for day one with everything from bed sheets to tableware.

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