MoMAStore X Kickstarter: A Collection of Crowd-Sourced Design

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MoMAStore X Kickstarter: A Collection of Crowd-Sourced Design

MoMA Design Store launched a curator-approved suite of products that were brought to life by Kickstarter. The 24 piece collection is a celebration of the community and creativity of Kickstarter, and the greater design community. The launch coincided with NYCxDesign, and gives MoMA a chance to honor these designers as proof that everyone and anyone is capable of making amazing things.

Kickstarter@MoMAStore-PowerSlayer Phone Charger

Powerslayer Phone Charger Kit

The launch was specifically timed to coincide with NYCxDesign, when NYC celebrates design city-wide. It also happens to be the first time that Kickstarter has paired up with a retailer. Each item was picked due to its beauty and innovation, as well as use of novel materials and technological advancement. The new line will be available in the store and online through June 16th.


The Present Clock

Kickstarter@MoMAStore-Perspective Clock

Perspective Clock


Musguard Rollable Bike Fender


Bicycle Frame Handle

Kickstarter@MoMAStore-Gigs 2 Go

Gigs 2 Go USB Flash Drive

Kickstarter@MoMAStore-Jix Construction Kit

JIX Construction Kit

Kickstarter@MoMAStore-Toymail Mailmen

Toymail Mailmen

The collection also includes items we’ve previous featured on Design Milk, like the Carpenter Watch, Lumio Lamp, Bulbing Lamp, Impossible Instant Lab, and the Projecteo Slide Projector!

For the full MoMA Design Store x Kickstarter collection, go here.

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