KRJZ Residence by Elemental Design/Architecture

Located in Seattle, Washington, the KRJZ Residence is a new home built for a young couple expecting their first child. Designed by Elemental Design/Architecture, the home takes its color cues from Mondrian giving fun pops of primary colors throughout the inside and out.

Love those stamped concrete house numbers.

The long, narrow structure maximizes light by alternating widths of the volumes of the home, which allows for more windows and natural light to flood the interiors.

The floor plan is reversed in that the bedrooms are on the ground floor and the main living space is the upper, light-filled floor. By having the darker sleeping quarters downstairs, it reduces the need for artificial light down there.

I love the angled walls in the pass-through spaces. It makes for visual interest as you look down the corridor.

The skylights also bring light into the mostly white walled space, making all of the bright colors and dark floors really pop next to it.

Downstairs hallway

Photos by Miguel Edwards.

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