Refrigerators as Literal Works of Art: Lowes x Samsung Bespoke Artists Series

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Refrigerators as Literal Works of Art: Lowes x Samsung Bespoke Artists Series

Samsung’s efforts to bring color into the most popular room of the modern home hasn’t been limited to palettes of color adorning their refrigerator and appliance panels. Earlier in 2022 their collaboration with chromatophiliac and multidisciplinary artist, Alex Proba, produced one of the most visually arresting examples of how a kitchen can be liberated from the confines of conformity that dominate the room today. They’ve since tripled this effort in a new trio of artists invited to give the Bespoke treatment utilizing each of their unique styles.

Artists Alexa Meade, Amber Vittoria, and Domonique Brown were each given carte blanche to “paint” (digitally speaking) their signature styles onto limited edition Samsung’s Bespoke 4-Door French Door Refrigerator panels, an exclusive to Lowe’s.

Of the three artists, Alexa Meade is probably the most naturally acclimated to working at a scale on par to a refrigerator’s exterior surface. Her broad brushstroke treatment creates a moody ocean of blues, the result of “hundreds” of test pieces Meade created in exploration (and enthusiasm) for the collaboration.

During our interview with the three artists, it was Amber Vittoria who pointed out working across a multitude of panels afforded her not only an entirely new perspective while utilizing a cheerfully rendered quintet of curving color lines, but also shared the realization a canvas formed from a multitude of doors offers a unique interaction between viewer and object depending on when they’re opened or closed. Vittoria says, “My process is a bit more organic, and is inspired by nature, color, and my lived experiences.”

And finally illustrator Domonique Brown takes on a more literal approach to creating a change in scenery, embellishing her Bespoke refrigerator with the mood of a vacation getaway, complete with a warmly illuminated sunset framed by a trio of arches. Cool drinks optional, but highly likely considering the proximity of a fridge.

It’s yet to be seen whether the masses will adopt a chromatically more diverse palette within the kitchen as was once popular in the 50s-80s. The pull of stainless steel and its occasional black and matte iterations has retained its grip on American kitchens. But just as Samsung has shown with their continued efforts integrating art with technology, a la The Frame 4K televisions, the brand seems committed to making technology an extension of a lifestyle.

The Lowe’s and Samsung Bespoke artist collection is currently on display in select markets within Lowe’s stores, but as part of Lowe’s House of Style the entire line of Samsung Bespoke appliances can be ordered and customized online.

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