Made for Modular Mayhem: The Infinity DIY Cat Tree

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Made for Modular Mayhem: The Infinity DIY Cat Tree

After a successful Kickstarter appealing to cat owners seeking comfortable and stimulating feline furniture with a discerning eye for design, Los Angeles-based designer pet accessories brand PETLIBRO have gone on to officially launch the Infinity DIY Cat Tree, a modular and expandable cat tree system engineered to piece together in more configurations than a cat’s nine lives.

Bengal breed cat climbing from one level to another across Infinity Cat Tree villa in a contemporary styled room with concrete flooring and large cork thumbtack side table with small LEGOs toy vehicle set upon it.

Cats may desire the comfort of a household routine, but as this long time cat owner can attest, felines can also become bored when limited to the interior confines of an apartment or home. Giving your cat a place to climb, scratch, and perch from gives the curious creature an outlet for its many natural inclinations, all without endangering the furnishings near and dear to their 2-legged owner.

Individual disassembled Infinity Cat Tree parts on ground showing its modular DIY assembly design.

Infinity’s modular design is made to grow and adapt across the various stages of a cat’s life, and is easily assembled with less effort than a piece of flatpack IKEA furniture.

View from above showing the largest four tier Castle Infinity Cat Tree configurations, shown with two adult cats looking at one another from different levels.

Largest four tier Castle Infinity Cat Tree configuration, shown with two adult cats looking at one another from different levels with one pawing at a cat toy. In background on the other side of a large window is an outdoor lawn area with blue skies and trees.

Original Infinity Cat Tree configuration, shown in four tiered levels with circular padded bed at the top, tube cubby hole and dangling pet toy, and small padded rest section.

Fluffy white and brown cat with ice blue eyes and large furry tail laying inside a hanging tube installed onto the Infinity Cat Tree.

Sadly one design element that was originally promoted during the Infinity Cat Tree’s crowdfunding phase that did not make it into the original design with this tubular tunnel rest spot.

Large long haired gray flat faced cat climbing down from the highest fourth level of the original Infinity Cat Tree design.

Paired with a higher attention to materials and design, the Infinity stands apart from typical pet store cat furniture with a refreshing modernity. Because if there’s one thing pet accessories would benefit from, it would be taking a “less is more” approach to design. The result is cat furniture that won’t look like an eyesore against the backdrop of surrounding human furnishings (which your cat is undoubtedly accustomed to already calling its own too).

Loft-like modern interior space decorated with a mix of midcentury furnishings, large painting, cactus in pot with an enormous four pane circular window looking out at a darkened exterior obscured by wavy glass.

Accessories include a variety of scratching surfaces, platforms, posts cubby tents, and other dangling diversions to keep cats preoccupied and comfortable. Additional levels can be added vertically up to four levels high. Positioning other base sections side-by-side opens up even more configurations spanning width wise.

Loft-like modern interior space decorated with a mix of midcentury furnishings with partial view of an enormous four pane circular window looking outside obscured by its line patterned glass.

Cavernous modern interior space decorated with a Scandinavian modern furnishings with partial view of an enormous ribbed column to the left and gray and white checkerboard marble tiling two steps lower in the foreground with the Infinity Cat Tree to the slight left side.

Starting at $199, the Infinity Cat Tree is available in three base configurations: Loft, Villa, and Castle. Additionally, PETLIBRO offers the Villa and Castle or two Castles as larger cat playgrounds if you’re a multi-cat territorial household without the “sharing is caring” vibe.

All three base configurations of the Infinity Cat Tree shown from left to right as Loft, Villa, and Castle. Loft offers two levels, Villa with three, and Castle with a four level design topped with a light green tent-like resting spot on the highest tier.

With its multitude of accessories and modular design, it’s understandable why PETLIBRO describes the Infinity as the “LEGO” of cat trees. But in many ways the expandable Infinity seems closer to a finely realized IKEA hack – a slim flatpack construction with easy assembly designed to blend harmoniously into any contemporary interior space all without screaming, “Yes, I’ve arranged my home around the habits and preferences of my cat!”

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