MilkWeed: Inspiratu

Last week I was creatively constipated. Sorry to be crass but that’s exactly how it can feel, no? When this happens I embark on a now-steady routine to get things moving again, and usually in this order: suddenly feel grouchy upon blockage setting in, sulk, nap, evaluate my future as a working creative, panic, consult my heroes, reconnect to the collective flow, ready to go.

Tara Donovan, Chicago Sage Photography

Seeing as this column coincided with said blockage, I thought I’d share some of my tried and true go-to sources of inspiration. Mostly “classics” they are so I won’t bore you with any arty farty analysis. Just enjoy.

Tara Donovan, Ace Gallery

Tara Donovan, Ace Gallery

Tara Donovan, Ace Gallery

Installation artist Tara Donovan. Ordinary objects turned extraordinary. Photos from Ace Gallery.

Patrick Dougherty, Land Art

Patrick Dougherty, Land Art

“Stick Artist” Patrick Dougherty. Attended his exhibit at the Desert Museum where you could crawl inside his work and vow never to leave.

Andy Goldsworthy, Environmental Art

Andy Goldsworthy. OF COURSE. Rivers and Tides documentary = inspiration overdose.

christopher sturmann, keetja allard

christopher sturman, keetja allard

Photographer Mark Borthwick‘s absolutely perfect creative space. [via Desert Fete]

Abstract nature photographer Karl Blossfeldt and his genius eye. [via Teenangster]

barbara hepworth, mid-century sculpture

Barbara Hepworth‘s sublime organic sculpture.

Ruth Asawa, wire sculpture

Ruth Asawa, wire sculpture

Ruth Asawa and her superhuman fingers. [via Interior Design]

plant cells, botanical society of america plant cells, botanical society of america

Plant biology as abstract art. [via]

And for you?