Must-Have Accessories for Today’s Laptop

My laptop weighs about 20 pounds. OK, I’m exaggerating, but at about 3 years old, it’s already completely outdated, clunky and ready for retirement. Laptops are getting smaller and lighter – something I remember wishing for when I used to travel for work quite a bit. I’d love to get my hands on a new, ultra-fast lightweight laptop. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love my tablet for watching movies and playing games, but I need something more robust to get my work done when I’m on the go (or on the couch!).

To complement the new breed of laptops, a slew of new must-have accessories has arisen. Gone are the giant briefcase-like chunky laptop bags that look like, well, laptop bags. In their place are stylish and slim laptop sleeves and bags — the perfect complementary gift this year for a workaholic, frequent traveler, or student.

The Corvus 14-15″ Laptop Backpack by Caselogic is a slim backpack that’s still large enough to house your laptop, accessories, phone, keys AND a book, e-reader or tablet. The perfect carry-on.

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From fur-lined nylon to ultra-skinny, here are some top protective sleeve picks so that you can stick your laptop in your suitcase, briefcase or backpack with no worries. From top left, clockwise: 15″ Alloy Sleeve by Incase, 13″ Grey Wool Felt Sleeve by Byrd & Belle, The Skinny Sleeve from Acme Made, TrimSleeve by Speck.

How cute is this 11″ Envelope Sleeve by Grantwood Technology that looks like an inter-office memo?

I love how this Cargo Laptop Sleeve by BUILT NY has tiny compartments on the outside for your components and extras.

Ladies, there’s no reason to schlep both a laptop bag and a purse anymore – check out this Pavonis- 14-15″ Female Business Bag by Caselogic.

And beyond cases, you’ll want to pick up a few accessories to use with your laptop, such as headphones, wireless speakers or a portable hard drive… here are a few of our favorite add-ons to stuff inside your new bag next to your laptop.

From top left, clockwise: Wooden headphones by Thinksound, Jambox wireless Bluetooth speaker by Jawbone, Tracks headphones by AIAIAI, Plattan and Tanto headphones from Urbanears, GoFlex Slim Hard Drive by Seagate.

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Jaime Derringer, Founder + Executive Editor of Design Milk, is a Jersey girl living in SoCal. She dreams about funky, artistic jewelry + having enough free time to enjoy some of her favorite things—running, reading, making music, and drawing.