Nithurst Farm by Adam Richards Architects

Nithurst Farm is a minimalist farmhouse located in Upperton, United Kingdom, designed by Adam Richards Architects. Situated on an open field within the South Downs National Park, the newly built family home is formed of structural concrete wrapped with brick, and topped with a black zinc roof.

The volumes progress in a step-motion, starting with the single-story entrance at the north and elevating into a three-story tower, expressed as a grid, toward the south. The entrance reveals a darkened vestibule presented in the form of exposed concrete walls.

The concrete is left purposefully raw, and are softened by brass accents and white oiled pine floorboards and reclaimed stone. As described by the architects, “The plan is tapered on the north-south axis, creating a false perspective that heightens the sense of a journey to the house’s principal destination, the south-facing sitting room.”

Photography by Brotherton Lock.

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