Moving-in Box by Faye Toogood for The Modern House

Outside the Box is a minimalist moving-in box of bespoke objects created by Faye Toogood for The Modern House. The box contains six beautifully crafted objects, each of which was designed exclusively and produced in a limited edition.

The idea for the box was conceived out of a desire to celebrate the moment of moving into a new home that would go beyond a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of flowers. The Modern House, known for their roster of inspiring modern living spaces, wanted an array of objects that would be more meaningful and longer-lasting.

Faye Toogood explains, “The Modern House appeals to a particular type of homebuyer, but within that audience there are people who actually have quite different tastes. We wanted these objects to enrich any home, so we kept all the pieces very pure and elemental. The materials we’ve used aren’t up for discussion or judgement because everyone loves the purity of clay or fantastic leather.”

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