Quarters Emerges as a Symbol of New York’s Design Revival

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Quarters Emerges as a Symbol of New York’s Design Revival

It seemed for a while that design in New York was losing its luster, with many studios going into remission or scaling back investments into new projects as protection from the fallout of the pandemic. However, after years of creative planning, transformation has come bubbling to the surface, with the results of SANDOW DESIGN GROUP’s successful bid to run NYCxDESIGN bolstering its effects. Amidst numerous exhibitions and launches vying for attention, the unveiling of Quarters emerges as a prominent symbol of New York’s ever-evolving design landscape. Created by Felicia Hung and Nick Ozemba, the founders of the lighting brand In Common With, the 8,000-square-foot space finds its home within a historic 19th-century Tribeca loft.

The elegant bar area at Quarters, adorned with floral arrangements

Quarters is a blend of concept store and community gathering space, styled as a residence. It reflects In Common With’s dedication to purposeful creative connection, combining the intimacy of a private home with the hospitality of a public venue. The space includes a bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bar, lounge, library, and great room, and is designed to host temporary installations, dinner parties, and special events. Each room in Quarters is furnished exclusively with pieces designed or curated by Ozemba, Hung, and their peers. Visitors can view and purchase items on display, including In Common With’s lighting collection, vintage furniture, and decor created in collaboration with artists like Sophie Lou Jacobsen, Danny Kaplan, Shane Gabier, Simone Bodmer-Turner, and Claudio Bonuglia.

A dining room with elegant lighting, warm tones, and floral centerpieces, designed for communal gatherings at Quarters

A modern living room featuring comfortable armchairs, unique lighting fixtures

Ozemba explains: “Quarters is more than a retail concept; it’s a platform for showcasing our unique view on domesticity and hospitality, and sharing our creative vision with a broader audience. It represents our imagination, values, and ambitions in a tangible form, and it’s an open invitation for others to find inspiration within our world.”

Another angle of the living room at Quarters, showcasing a minimalist aesthetic with soft furnishings and elegant lighting

The opening of Quarters also marks the launch of a new collection of furniture, lighting, and decorative accessories. This selection includes Hung and Ozemba’s first series of wood furniture, glass lighting with hand-cut patterns, a ceramic collaboration with Shane Gabier, and a series of hand-embroidered fabric lighting fixtures. These pieces are united by a common visual language, heirloom-quality design, and roots in traditional craftsmanship.

A spacious and inviting living area with a mix of seating options, natural light

A warm and sophisticated living room with a mix of modern and vintage furniture, soft lighting

In describing the space’s future, Hung explains: “The creative potential of Quarters is limitless. By welcoming others and fostering our artistic community, it will continue to evolve in new and exciting ways. With each new perspective and collaboration, Quarters will transform again and again, pushing the boundaries of design, expression, and creative connection.”

View of the living room showcasing the plush seating, minimalist decor, and large windows

A comfortable and stylish living space with cozy seating, curated bookshelves, and natural light in Quarters

A cozy nook with a bookshelf, displaying an array of books and decorative items

A cozy bar and lounge area with plush seating, warm lighting, and eclectic decor at Quarters

A dining area with a large wooden table, minimalist chairs, and a modern pendant light

A kitchen with a striking marble island, pendant lights

The entire bedroom view featuring a cozy bed, a pair of bedside tables with lamps

A serene bedroom at Quarters with a large tapestry, a wooden bed

Another angle of the bedroom, highlighting the bed adorned with a colorful blanket

A close-up of a bedside table with a unique lamp and a stack of architecture books

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Photography by William Jess Laird.

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