RIMOWA Hammers Home Elegance With a Classic 1961 Design

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RIMOWA Hammers Home Elegance With a Classic 1961 Design

The term “vintage” describes objects representative of a bygone era in the interconnected world of fashion, architecture, and automotive. Far from a pejorative, in some instances – perhaps a Richard Neutra residence, Jean Prouvé’s wall light, an air-cooled Porsche 911, or a Dieter Rams designed hi-fi system – the historical categorization seems insufficient in communicating the design’s enduring relevance decades later. Similarly, we’d consider the iconic RIMOWA Hammerschlag Collection, as a vintage travel accessory, as beautiful today as when it first launched back in 1966.

A silver Rimowa Cabin suitcase standing upright on a wooden floor against a paneled wall.

Silver Rimowa luggage briefcase on a wooden floor with a black grand piano in the background.

Aptly named “Hammerschlag,” the German term literally means ‘hammer hit,’ both the larger $2,850 Cabin and smaller $2,360 Hand-Carry Case that comprise the 2-piece revival prominently bear the hallmarks of a hammer applied texture. While we’ve seen the hammer technique used in the manufacturing of premium Japanese cutlery and cookware, the textured aluminum surface across travel luggage is something unique to behold (and touch).

Silver Rimowa hardshell aluminum hammer textured suitcase with brown handle and combination locks.

Open Rimowa hammered texture aluminum suitcase with brown leather interior detailing against a light background.

Polished to a shine, the aluminum exterior is complemented by an ergonomic cognac leather lined handle, with the cowhide detailing extending within to embellish the nylon lined dual-sided compartment.

Open empty Rimowa luggage with tan leather and green nylon interior and securing cross straps.

Close-up of a Rimowa aluminum luggage handle and latch.

The travel accessories stay true aesthetically to its 1960s era heritage, but that doesn’t mean RIMOWA has left the heritage collection untouched. In service of the modern traveler’s needs, the larger Cabin edition is equipped with TSA-approved locks, smooth rolling ball-bearing mounted wheels, and a stage-free telescopic handle to make navigating terminals easier.

Two Rimowa metal suitcases and a briefcase in a room with wooden paneling and an amplifier.

Traveling with luggage crafted in a special material finish seems the antithesis of using tough and budget friendly hardshell polycarbonate bags most travel with in tow. Of note, each RIMOWA Hammerschlag Collection piece is individually numbered from 001 to 1898 in commemoration of the luggage brand’s 125th anniversary. It should not require hammering this point home – these are no ordinary travel accessories, they are intended for travelers living a life less ordinary.

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