School of Constructed Environments at Parsons Shares Its 2024 End-of-Year Exhibition

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School of Constructed Environments at Parsons Shares Its 2024 End-of-Year Exhibition

Nothing tops the dedication and intensity poured into the crowning project of design school, wrapping up those four years with a bow. Everything you’ve absorbed and interpreted culminates in this one final thing, the one that will hopefully lead to your burgeoning, successful career in the design industry. 2024 graduates from the School of Constructed Environments at The New School’s Parsons School of Design can vouch for it after completing their End of Year Exhibition 2024.

A modern daybed with a blue and green plaid cushion. There's art above it, a potted plant on each side, and a colorful poster leaning against the wall.

CNC Daybed by Charles Ferguson \ CNC-cut plywood, assembled with no screws or glue, 27 x 42 x 40-inches

“The 2024 School of Constructed Environments Exhibition is designed by and showcases the concluding work of this year’s graduating undergraduate and graduate students,” shares David Lewis, Dean of the School of Constructed Environments. “Representing 10 programs and featuring 270 students in the disciplines of architecture, interior design, lighting design, and product/industrial design, the work in the exhibition exemplifies Parsons’ commitment to embodying meaningful social and cultural change through engaged design. From the use of regenerative, healthy materials to engaging regional ecologies and global systems, this exhibition showcased how students are envisioning and demanding a different world than one they are inheriting.”

A chair made of woven rope and branches is placed on the ground beside a large tree stump in a wooded area.

Grown Too Decay by Emily Quinn \ fallen cherry + elm tree branches from Prospect Park with 10 hand-cut mortice + tenon joints locked in place with a three-by-three twill weave, no glues or screws

Today, we’re sharing a select group of projects from the 2024 class of the MFA Industrial Design program at the School of Constructed Environments. These bright minds are now free, heading out into the world with Parsons’ mindset of designing socially just, environmentally regenerative, and technologically innovative cities, buildings, interiors, lighting, and products.

A wooden chair with a minimalist design sits on a hardwood floor. Sunlight creates a pattern of light and shadows on the chair and floor. The chair has a square back and flat armrests.

Laila Lounge Chair by Isa Vera \ cherry hardwood + natural Danish oil finish, 29.5 x 26 x 25.5-inches

A modern white ceiling light fixture with a geometric design hangs from the ceiling.

The Lotus by Jason Wi Bergeron \ interactive lighting device that allows hosta to control the ambiance for guests

Four wooden chairs with square backs and seats, each in a different wood finish ranging from dark brown to light tan, arranged in a row facing backward.

Parsons Chair by Jisu Han Jung \ inspired by the Parsons Table, each chair represents the designer, their friends, faculty members + parents, all rely on one another to stand without collapsing

A modern lounge chair with a wooden frame and white cushioned seat is placed by a large window, with sunlight streaming in and accenting the wood-paneled wall in the background.

YUKI lounge chair by Melina Nguyen \ red oak and boucle, 32.4 x 27 x 25.2-inches

A wooden chair with wide armrests and a slatted backrest, featuring a white cushioned seat, set against a plain white background.

Hanok Chair by Minseok Lee \ poplar hardwood, Danish oil, wood stain, 90 x 45.1 cm

A wooden chair with light-colored legs on a hardwood floor with a white, semi-cushioned seat leaning against a wall.

Cross-legged Chair by Siddharth Pai \ maple + white oak hardwood + upholstery, 32 x 32 x 32-inches

Three artistic lamps resembling sea anemones, one hanging from the ceiling, one placed on a black chair, and another on the floor, all glowing warmly in a room.

LumeClava by Talia Dang

Minimalist room with metal-framed furniture, including a chair, a glass-top table, and a TV on a stand.

1956 Hollow Oak Lane by Teresa Wang \ living room installation where furniture is interwoven with found footage + photos to create a dialogue about the personal + collective narratives of objects

A square wooden coffee table with thick legs placed against a brick wall with a grey pipe running vertically beside it.

Rēpallet Coffee Table by Abdulkadir Bayazit \ modular furniture capable of changing needs created from sustainable urban wood waste

Two artistic light fixtures with exposed filament bulbs. One lamp has a circular design, and the other has overlapping oval shapes. Both emit a warm, soft glow.

Balletlume sconce + table lamp by Tess Bronfman \ revealing how our engagement with objects deepens connection + value through emotional bonds + personal engagement

A person adjusting a light with tentacle-like arms, featuring exposed electronics under a dome at the top, illuminated.

The Intelligent Objects series by Walker Mahany \ Acanthaster Luminous + Cirroteuthis Luminous lights challenge our perception of disposability, asking that we learn to repair and sustain objects rather than replace or discard them

Hands placing a rectangular tile with green moss onto a textured wall, adjacent to a concrete surface with visible metal fastenings.

EcoShell by Yingfei Zhuo

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