Seven Doors by nendo for Abe Kogyo

nendo decided to celebrate the 70th anniversary of wooden door manufacturer Abe Kogyo by creating seven unusual and unique doors. Each door has the same underlying foundation, but then are given an individual spin that opens up (pun intended) new functionality for each door.



Hang is a door that acts as a storage unit. Flower pots, vases, trays and more can be attached by the magnet sheet on the door.


Kumiko is a door that’s a work of art, and named after the technique of creating interior lattices without any nails.


Similar to a gallery wall, Wall is a door that has easily removable frames that help display treasured memories.


Baby is a door for kids and adults, celebrating the fact that Abe Kogyo manufactures for various nurseries and pre-schools. The varying heights make it easy for both children and adults to go through the door.


Lamp = a door and a lamp in one.


Slide acts like a window blind, so the different-sized pockets of light can stream in, or a gentle breeze. Its aim is to create a sense of continuity between rooms.


The Corner door transforms how we think about room layouts. The Corner door opens extra wide, making it easier to exit and enter, especially for those in wheelchairs.

Photos: Akihiro Yoshida

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