Float Wall Desk by Orange22

Float Wall Desk is a minimal design created by California-based design firm Orange22. The founder of the company believes that well-designed objects elicit strong emotions, starting with a sensory experience at its core. He states, “That’s what interests us about design—that capacity to affect the emotions of those who experience it.”

The Float Wall Desk was designed to easily mount onto any existing wall space, creating in itself a flat surface that has multi-functional utility. The desk takes up minimal space due to the slide-out tray, which can be used as both drawer to hide peripheral accessories or as a surface for the mouse and keyboard.

I love that every detail involving the desk’s functionality was taken into consideration such as the pull-out tray and slots for wire management. Too often do I see desk designs that completely ignore the fact that the majority of our  population has to deal with superfluous wires. What I hope to see in the near future is a well-designed workstation, such as Float Wall Desk, which seamlessly accommodates our tech-heavy lifestyles.

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