House T by Tsukano Architect Office

House T is a minimal home located in Miyazaki, Japan, designed by Tsukano Architect Office. Michiya Tsukano’s office is currently located in Hiroshima, Japan, and was first established in 2010. Tsukano received his Bachelors and Masters of Architecture at Kinki University. He later went on to receive his doctorate of architecture from Hiroshima University.

The House T project was planned for the downtown area of Miyazaki, which is located in Southern Japan. There is a busy road located directly in front of the home, and tall apartments that are scattered throughout the south side of the site. Considering these factors, Tsukano decided it was imperative to shield the home from any unpleasant noises by enclosing white walls around the entire site.

The outer plate separates the home from the crowded environment, and reduces the noise pollution from the adjacent road while still allowing an abundant amount of sunlight to enter uninhibited. There is also a courtyard within the home that receives the majority of the interior’s natural lighting making the overall ambiance of the space relatively peaceful and warm.

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