Suspensions of Space by htmn

This renovation project is a recent undertaking by Tokyo-based firm, htmn. Dubbed, “Suspensions of Space,” this project was a redesign of the upper floor of a house constructed with the two by four method. The clients originally wanted the entire space void of walls, but due to the lack of structural integrity, the architects were restricted to keeping the walls intact.

The architects decided to strip the former ceiling and replace it with a raised roof. The new roof produces the illusion of an expanded space by creating gaps between itself and the walls. By creating this semi-private space, the architects were able to mesh all of the rooms into one, thus, calling the project “Suspensions of Space.”

I find the gaps above the walls connecting the rooms together rather appealing. Although the layout is somewhat of a labyrinth, the openness of the ceiling produces a sense of connectivity to the rest of the space. Although minimalist, this is one of the more interesting developments in interior design.

Photography by Daici Ano.

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