Skybox House Utilizes Rectangular Forms to Maximize Space

07.10.20 | By
Skybox House Utilizes Rectangular Forms to Maximize Space

Dick Clark + Associates recently completed Skybox House in Austin, Texas, a modern residential property built with two basic rectangular forms. One form rests horizontally across the plot while the other rests vertically in order to maximize the entire site while still maintaining room for outdoor gathering spaces.

The plot is sloped, which allows the garage to be hidden underneath the main floor. The horizontal, rectangular form hovers over the entrance to the garage, which allows the full front elevation to be used for architecture rather than garage space.

The home’s layout aims to play with the senses. Its entryway is beside a double-height window that offers a peek into the interior, and the floor plan opens up for an indoor/outdoor experience.

The interior is mainly realized in light materials, including a white marble backsplash in the kitchen and light wood floors throughout.

Black cabinets and a black kitchen island provide contrast and an inviting space to share family meals.

An airy wood staircase floats between the main level and upstairs.

In order to maximize natural light and privacy, doors and windows are strategically placed.

The most notable example is in the master bathroom, where a clever window slit rests well above eyesight to block out views of the property next door while still allowing the space to be naturally lit.

Photos by Dror Baldinger.

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