Sony’s LED Bulb Doubles As a Bluetooth Speaker

Sony’s new LED bulb with an integrated Bluetooth speaker isn’t a new idea. There are actually several models already out on the market which provide this juncture between light and sound. What this new Sony model has going for it is its decor-friendly design, a light fixture which you wouldn’t mind keeping out in the open for everyone to see…and hear.


At just 360-lumen brightness, this bulb is more about mood lighting than a bright spot bulb, which probably makes great sense considering you’d place this bulb in areas of the home – like over a dining table or in a corner of the bedroom – where you wouldn’t want/need interrogation room brightness shining down while streaming music via a Bluetooth/NFC compatible device using an Android/iOS app (SongPal) out through the 2W speaker.

The Sony LSPX-100E26J is a good looking exposed pendant bulb option and one which opens up areas throughout a home or apartment formerly off limits for audio component installation. Just screw it into an fixture and connect via Bluetooth, and users can control both lighting brightness and audio. It’s also reflective of how LED lighting, with its cool operational temperatures, allows designers to play with bulb features far beyond “on” and “off”.






The Sony LSPX-100E26J LED Light Bulb Speaker first appears in Japan on May 23rd in Japan, with US availability not yet announced.

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