Spotless and Traceless: A Solution to Eliminating Smudges, Streaks, and Smears

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Spotless and Traceless: A Solution to Eliminating Smudges, Streaks, and Smears

My iPhone screen. The water kettle. My in-law’s stainless steel fridge. The LCD screen on my camera. All six pairs of sunglasses in my car. Every day it’s an endless cycle of wiping away smudges, streaks and smears, only to rediscover a new set the next day. Finding fingerprints on objects I touch is just a pesky fact of life, and I’ve learned to accept it! While you can’t prevent fingerprints from making their marks forever, you can make them less noticeable by making smart choices when it comes to surfaces that you come into contact with everyday. Surfaces like Wilsonart’s Traceless Laminate ensures that you spend a lot less time cleaning your interiors and more time enjoying it.

Wilsonart is a world leader in engineered surfaces for every type of style and space. Think about the amount of surfaces you touch everyday. It’s a lot isn’t it? (I’m touching one right now as I type this) From countertops and desktops to cabinet doors and drawer panels, that’s a lot of cleaning to do if you have surfaces that highlight smudges rather than conceal them. That’s why the Traceless Laminate collection is ideal because it has a smooth, super matte, low-reflection finish. The fingerprint-resistant technology is built right into the manufacturing of the product, so you’re not getting a product with a top coat that will gradually thin over time. The collection is also heat, impact and scratch resistant making it extremely durable and long lasting.

Top row L-R: Black Velvet, Charcoal Velvet, Silver Velvet \\\ Bottom row L-R: Cream Velvet, Snow White Velvet

That’s not to say that it’s better to conceal and not clean your surfaces. It just means you won’t constantly have smudges taunting you at every turn in your home, office, studio or business. Wilsonart has an expansive collection of laminate surfaces but for those of us who just want a minimalistic yet beautiful space that requires low maintenance and cleaning, the Traceless Laminate collection is available in five neutral colors that will always be in style, no matter what the current trend.

While it’s not possible to never clean your surfaces again (wouldn’t that be the dream!), it is possible to maintain them a little less often, which I think anyone anywhere can appreciate. To learn more about Wilsonart’s Traceless Laminate collection, visit

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